73K222AU-IP electronic parts datasheet pdf and inventory or price


Part #: 73K222AU-IP
Part Category: Telecom ICs
Manufacturer: TDK Corporation
Description: 1.2kbps DATA, MODEM, PDIP40
Mfr Package Description 0.600 INCH, PLASTIC, DIP-40
Status Transferred
Telecom IC Type MODEM
Data Rate 1.2
JESD-30 Code R-PDIP-T40
Number of Functions 1
Number of Terminals 40
Operating Temperature-Min -40 Cel
Operating Temperature-Max 85 Cel
Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Code DIP
Package Style IN-LINE
Qualification Status Not Qualified
Seated Height-Max 5.59 mm
Supply Voltage-Nom 5 V
Surface Mount NO
Technology CMOS
Temperature Grade INDUSTRIAL
Terminal Form THROUGH-HOLE
Terminal Pitch 2.54 mm
Terminal Position DUAL
Length 51.94 mm
Width 15.24 mm
Additional Feature DATA RATE MIN:300BPS

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